New Year Things

My brother Frank has been here for a couple of months now, and over the course of those weeks – we’ve been able to sneak in a long run. Today, we ran 8 miles (Burke-Gilman trail) and along the way I mentioned a few hopes for 2007!
  • Exercise more! I know, that might sound silly for someone that does a fair bit already – but consider this: I’ll finish 2006 with just about 700 running miles under my belt, along with 150 miles of cycling, some weight training and rock climbing. But in 2004 – I ran almost 1,600 miles, and in the years prior – hovered around 1,000. Truth is – I feel better when I run that much, I’m poised for a modestly paced marathon, and (extra bonus) I can eat more dessert!
  • Keep track of my finances better. This might sound silly coming from a man that kept the books for a couple of local nonprofits for about 15 years – but – I spent 2006 sharing living space for the first time, and decided to just make sure I wasn’t headed for the poorhouse. Armed with a years’ worth of information – back to financial planning!
  • Figure out a way to get to and from work on time. The longer I stay with my current agency, the more I like it – and the more opportunities for increased responsibility – which can easily turn into more hours. I’m willing for some of those more hours – but my first two bullet points mean that I need to figure out a routine that leaves room for exercise and fun besides work!

I’m sure there will be more – but that seems like a reasonable start. Along the way – I’m planning on keeping up a few things that I’ve been doing – living here in Phinney Ridge (with my girl and my dog), enjoying my work, baking all of our bread (okay – MOST of it!), and keeping up with friends and family!


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