If That Makes Me Gay, Fine

I wish I wrote that, I really do. I didn’t, Leonard Pitts did, and you can read it for yourself in most local newspapers. In a very short column, he’s summed up a good deal of what has me chapped about the Catholic Church, and pretty much any other agency that ascribes to a religious or faith tradition that wants to leave people out.
You can’t really have it both ways, he argues, and I agree. And the bitter irony, at lesat in my experience? MOST religious traditions didn’t START this way, they’ve ended up this way, if you get what I mean. They didn’t start with a sense of "how can we oppress gay people, or women, or those who look differently than we do" – they started with a simple understanding of the sacredness of all people. And the response to that sacredness is justice, not exclusion.
I know that all sounds pretty pie-in-the-sky, pretty "can’t we all just get along" and so on and so forth – but I believe it anyway. Mr. Pitts gets it right when talking about Vice President Cheney, who bats for the Republican team on all items save for gay marriage – because he loves his daughter – and she’s a lesbian.
Here’s the final few words from that article – and go back and read the whole thing – it will only take five minutes:
I believe in moral coherence. And Rule No. 1 is, you cannot assert your own humanity, then turn right around and deny someone else’s. If that makes me gay, fine. As my anonymous correspondent ably demonstrates, there are worse things to be. –LeonardPitts, Friday December 15th 2006

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