Nonprofit Pays Off

I’m working with the folks who are running teh condo association where I live – and much to my pleasant surprise – I think I know more than they do!
It’s not that I underestimate what I know – but it has been less often the case that my work experience prepares me for something that happens in my nonwork time, if you get what I mean. In this case – it’s about readin ga financial statement, reviewing a budget, and otherwise trying to determine value wiht a budget.
See – the folks who are on our condo association probably haven’t had to sweat a tiny budget, make tough choices with a very few dollars, figure out when an item is a capital expense or an ordinary one, or any of the things that I’ve been doing for years.
So when they published a draft budget that didn’t seem well enough done to me – I spoke up! We have our annual meeting tomorrow and we’ll see – I’m hoping that the rest of the folks that share this building DO show up, and arrive with a lot of questions – and that our board is ready to answer them – or willing to put the budget on hold while they get those answers! We’ll see . . .

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