Twice in a Row

Okay, not quite twice – but I ran 7 miles with my brother Frank on Sunday, hit the gym with Puja on Monday, and my friend Stephe and I met near the end of the work day today for a quick run. (Okay, it wasn’t the end of the day, and I’ll be working a bit later tonight to make up for it!)
We headed down Jackson, down a trail to Lake Washington Blvd, hit the first turn around – and we weren’t done yet, so we kept moving. Fun. and then we ran up. And up. And then back down – and then, surprise, surprise, surprise – headed SOUTH, away from my office before we figured out that we were looking at Beacon Hill and not Mt. Baker! That means our easy 5 miler turned into a 7 mile hilly run – good for the soul, and good for catching up!
Stephe and I have been running together since 1991. Neither one of us is as speedy as we once were – but we’ve clocked a lot of miles, and more than a few memorable ones, at that. Like the Beat The Bridge race, where Stephe coaxed me into my fastest time ever by picking out a girl to chase – and when we’d caught her, a runner for him, and then another one for me – I didn’t know I could run that fast. But it was fun – and we’ve been doing that, and relay races ever since. But mostly – running along as our lives move along. It’s a good thing – it will probably make the "good things" list a bit later on!
So there you have it – two runs, 7 miles each – almost back to back. What a good way to get December off to a rousing start!

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