Me and Ted Haggard

Yep, you read that right. Me . . . and Ted Haggard. If you didn’t catch it on the news, he’s the pastor at an evangelical church in Colorado, has been vehement in his condemnation of gay people – and recently lost his job due to allegations that he solicited sex with a male prostitite. Ouch.
Well – it has me thinking. Not thinking that I want to solicit a prostitute, nor the drugs or anything like that – but it makes me wonder: What are the things that I say out loud and in public that my actions contradict? Trying to  answer that question truthfully ought to keep everyone up at night, at least a little, don’t you think?
I do – and I remember just today – an unkind remark about someone at work, a nasty glare at the driver on the way there, the secret delight when someone else makes a mistake and I didn’t – hmm. I don’t very much care for those things about me. And maybe they aren’t as glaring as sex and drugs with a prostitute. And I wouldn’t put Pastor Ted on my good list, either – anyone who wants to exclude rather than include – well – I’d prefer they excluded themselves to a small island somewhere.
But in the meantime – I will think about that gap between what Ted said, and what Ted did (allegedly) and will see if I maybe I can catch that unkind remark before it surfaces next time!

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