What do you say when someone asks if you go to church?

Had an interesting conversation with a co-worker today – they were checking out some assisted care facilities, and noticed that one is connected to (it seems, anyway) a very conservative local church. But the conversation started with "do you go to church?" and I found myself trying to compress the last two or three years’ of disaffection with the Catholic Church into one coherrent sentance.
I couldn’t – but maybe can do it by bullet point instead!
  • No I don’t go to church, but I used to.
  • I grew up Catholic, and was well educated by the Jesuits at my high school and university.
  • They taught me to stand up for the poor, for justice, for equality for all. And that faithfulness and intellectual rigor go hand in hand.
  • I’m frustrated because the local institutions are doing good work – but not working to change the larger church structure.
  • I don’t know what to do next.
That pretty well sums it up. Obviously, there are a lot of nuances and such, and a LOT of additional explaining and exploring – but that’s where it sits just now. Participating makes me feel complicit in a moderately dirty way (cover of up sexual abuse, poor treatment of gay people, poor treatment of women and divorced people, a return to a rigidness regarding worship services) in the things that I find contrary to my Jesuit upbringing.
In the meantime – I’ll keep thinking about it. Praying about it, too, I suppose. And asking a lot of questions!

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