If my head weren’t attached . . .

 . . . I might leave it behind! Frank and I went for a nice 7 miile run today, along the Burke-Gilman trail. It was nice – mostly flat, a fair number of runners going in either direction for diversion, and, of course, good brotherly compaly.
However, at the 3.5 mile mark, Frank paused to strech, so I set down my car keys, tightened my laces, and we headed back to the start, just past the Montlake Bridge. Did I mention my car keys?
To my chagrin – we got back to the car and I realized that I didn’t have my keys! The BG trail is so well travelled that I was a bit worried that a do-gooder might have picked them up. Frank and I drove back to the approximate spot, he dropped me off and I added a half mile to my 7 mile run – ran back to the bench, spotted my keys, and then Frank dropped me back at my car. Whew! – a close call. It’s one thing when a 3 mile day turns into a six mile day, and quite something else when a 7 mile day turns into a 14 mile day!

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