today’s good things

I can work from home when the weather is inclement – today and yesterday I stayed home – but was able to check messages, return calls, use remote desktop to access all of my workplace software – the only thing I couldn’t do was look at the notes on my desk at work. Maybe I should have scanned those items
My dog. Yep, my dog. She followed me around all day, slept in the office, and provided good cheerful company.
My friend Dirk was in town from Sweden – and we were able to catch up – now that is a big good thing indeed! Dirk and I worked together back in the day – and we’re both growing up. He still has more hair than I do – that hasn’t changed – but it was terrific to spend a couple of hours with a good friend.
For a bit more exercise. I’m doing okay – but wish to do more! I’m in that spot where any investment I make now will have an enormous benefit later – but it can be challenging in the dark and the rain. So – a hope for today is for better motivation for exercise – despite the dark and the weather!

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