Thanksgiving in Oregon

Puja and I didn’t want to fly – ick. Although the car ride on Wednesday evening was long – we were in good company – a dog and a good friend, Kelly. Despite the um, deposit that we spotted in the unisex bathroom at a Wendy’s – we had a great trip! We were joined by Sara, Danica, and Peanut.
We stayed in Arch Cape, just a minute or two from the beach. My friend Dean spent his summers in a small cabin there, and was able to arrange for us to stay – it was terrific. The weather was blustery, blue, warm and cold – sometimes in the space of just 30 minutes!
We managed to cook up a storm – turkey, dal, kebabs, apple pie, cranberry, cinnamon rolls, fresh bread, all manner of other breakfast goodness. And a bit of beer, wine, guitar and xbox tossed in for good measure!
I was also able to indulge myself, and I ran twice most days. I went north and south on Hwy 101, as well as in and around Arch Cape and up a beautiful trail that connects to the Pacific Coast Trail -whata pleasant surprise!
And no trip to a small town is good wihtout the discovery of a great coffe joint – and we found the Sleepy Monk – next time you are in town – go visit -they are just north of Arch Cape, in Cannon Beach!

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