Baptist, Catholic and Hmm

I had lunch today with a good friend of mine – he’s a fun combination of Baptist (he’s the pastor of a small church, among other things) and Jesuit educated – so when we caught up today (Bing’s for a burger) talk naturally turned to what the Catholic community is doing these days.
Turns out – not a lot that makes me happy. More insults from the Pope (why he felt he had to quote a 14th century somebody who insulted Muslims is beyond me) and more crappola from the US Catholic Bishops about gay people.
So – refreshing to talk to someone who is running a church who is actively trying to figure out what to do – his church is pretty on board with "open" and is close to "affirming" although it sounds like the"affirming" part is hard for some of the community – so they haven’t fully moved in that direction yet.
But here’s the deal – they are talking about it – which seems like the most important step. I’ve been trying to get almost anyone I know in teh locak Catholic commnity to do that, with no luck – maybe it’s time for me to start visting a local Baptist church!

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