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November 30, 2006

today’s good things

Living with a dog! Yep – I’m sure my blood pressure is lower because of it!
Living with my girlfriend for an entire year – and – contrary to what others’ expect – the honeymoon isn’t over yet! I moved in a year ago today!
That I can record my two new songs before I forget them!
November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving in Oregon

Puja and I didn’t want to fly – ick. Although the car ride on Wednesday evening was long – we were in good company – a dog and a good friend, Kelly. Despite the um, deposit that we spotted in the unisex bathroom at a Wendy’s – we had a great trip! We were joined by Sara, Danica, and Peanut.
We stayed in Arch Cape, just a minute or two from the beach. My friend Dean spent his summers in a small cabin there, and was able to arrange for us to stay – it was terrific. The weather was blustery, blue, warm and cold – sometimes in the space of just 30 minutes!
We managed to cook up a storm – turkey, dal, kebabs, apple pie, cranberry, cinnamon rolls, fresh bread, all manner of other breakfast goodness. And a bit of beer, wine, guitar and xbox tossed in for good measure!
I was also able to indulge myself, and I ran twice most days. I went north and south on Hwy 101, as well as in and around Arch Cape and up a beautiful trail that connects to the Pacific Coast Trail -whata pleasant surprise!
And no trip to a small town is good wihtout the discovery of a great coffe joint – and we found the Sleepy Monk – next time you are in town – go visit -they are just north of Arch Cape, in Cannon Beach!
November 29, 2006

today’s good things

I can work from home when the weather is inclement – today and yesterday I stayed home – but was able to check messages, return calls, use remote desktop to access all of my workplace software – the only thing I couldn’t do was look at the notes on my desk at work. Maybe I should have scanned those items
My dog. Yep, my dog. She followed me around all day, slept in the office, and provided good cheerful company.
My friend Dirk was in town from Sweden – and we were able to catch up – now that is a big good thing indeed! Dirk and I worked together back in the day – and we’re both growing up. He still has more hair than I do – that hasn’t changed – but it was terrific to spend a couple of hours with a good friend.
For a bit more exercise. I’m doing okay – but wish to do more! I’m in that spot where any investment I make now will have an enormous benefit later – but it can be challenging in the dark and the rain. So – a hope for today is for better motivation for exercise – despite the dark and the weather!
November 29, 2006

Good Things

The Seattle Times recently published an interesting story about being happier – and it remided me that I used to keep a little journal by my bed and every night before I went to sleep  – wrote down an item or two for which I was thankful, and anotehr hope. It was an interesting and rewarding exercise – and even now, a few years later – when I go back and read those items – I can see a trend: What was making me happy and what wasn’t – and I can also see where I’ve made progress – and where I haven’t!
By and large though, my anecdotal journal writing lines up with the Times article – the more I reminded myself what i was happy about – the happier I felt. I thik I’ll start doing that again – but via this site instead of with pen and paper!
November 27, 2006

Baptist, Catholic and Hmm

I had lunch today with a good friend of mine – he’s a fun combination of Baptist (he’s the pastor of a small church, among other things) and Jesuit educated – so when we caught up today (Bing’s for a burger) talk naturally turned to what the Catholic community is doing these days.
Turns out – not a lot that makes me happy. More insults from the Pope (why he felt he had to quote a 14th century somebody who insulted Muslims is beyond me) and more crappola from the US Catholic Bishops about gay people.
So – refreshing to talk to someone who is running a church who is actively trying to figure out what to do – his church is pretty on board with "open" and is close to "affirming" although it sounds like the"affirming" part is hard for some of the community – so they haven’t fully moved in that direction yet.
But here’s the deal – they are talking about it – which seems like the most important step. I’ve been trying to get almost anyone I know in teh locak Catholic commnity to do that, with no luck – maybe it’s time for me to start visting a local Baptist church!
November 15, 2006

At least they wrote back

My ongoing saga with several Catholic institutions continues – and one of them had the courtesy to write back, which was nice. It’s my high school, Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, California. They sent a letter asking for a dontation, and I wrote back mentioning that I’m more than a little disappointed that they aren’t leading the charge towards inclusion for women, gay people, those who are divorced and so on – and I ‘ve been in email correspondende with one of the people in their fundraising team. He likely can’t do much to sway the course of that school, let alone the entire Catholic church – but – getting a response back helps!