Another running partner in town!

My friend Stephe just relocated to Seattle – within 24 hours of my brother Frank landing here, too – so in one short day I went from no consistent running partners to two! Lucky me!
Frank and I have been running together since the dark ages – but always in his town, or mine, or when visiting family somewhere else. (We’ve run in San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, Portland, Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, San Diego, San Clemente, Los Angeles, any city between Seattle and Ocean Shores, and Mt. Hood and Seaside, in Longbeach, in North Carolina). And now we get to run in Seattle!
Stephe and I have run mostly in Seattle, save for one memorable Mt. Rainier to Pacific relay race where Stephe saved his fastest running for the very end – he knocked out 3 five and a half minute miles at the very end! But we’ve run on Queen Anne, the Arboretum, Lake Washington Blvd., through Seattle Center, all around Capitol Hill and Montlake and Madison Park, as well as out the Burke Gilman trail!
So – lucky me – two long term running partners!

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