Still Chapped at the local Catholic Community

Back in February of 2006, I sent a letter to the president of Seattle University. I don’t know if friends is exactly the right word – but we’ve enjoyed warm relationship since I was a student, way back in the day.
In the intervening years – I donated to Seattle U, I volunteered, I worked for a local Catholic Parish and at an agency with a thinly veiled catholic identity. Lately, though – despite my affection for Seattle U and the catholic community – I’ve become increasingly dis-enchanted:
  • A total lack of transparency around sexual abuse was the start.
  • That was followed by an increasing awareness of how the institution of the church (but not always individual parishes, mind you) treat women, divorced people and gay people like, well, sinners.
  • And rounding third and heading to home? A bunch of silly rules about when to sit, stand, bow, hold hands, chant, sing, and other things during a typical catholic ceremony. Ick.
Today, I received a request for a donation – so I sent off a modifed note to Seattle U, letting them know that they’d have to make a change or two if they wanted to put me in the ranks of the donors. We’ll se – I didn’t receive any notes back from my first letter, so I’m not optimistic about this one – but it feels good to try!

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