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October 24, 2006

Maybe it was the cat, maybe it was the insulation . . .

Either way – UGH! Combined, they turned into something unheard of in the last 15 or so years – two sick days in a row! Ouch!
The good news is that I’m feeling better. The bad is that I have some work to catch up on to be sure!
October 21, 2006

Now my High School wants some cash!

Well – now that I’ve told Seattle University and L’Arche USA that unless they start treating women, gay people and divorced people better – they don’t get any of my cash. Now my high school (Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose) wants some – so I’ll just dust off one of those earlier letters and send along.
This is both fun and sad – the education I received from all of those places was terrific. But the irony is worse – they all taught me to stand up for equality, to think creatively and with intellectual rigor and so on – and those things, combined with recent church events (crummy stuff about the liturgy and the sexual abuse scandal) have all led e to believe that those communities could be doing better. A LOT better!
October 17, 2006

Another running partner in town!

My friend Stephe just relocated to Seattle – within 24 hours of my brother Frank landing here, too – so in one short day I went from no consistent running partners to two! Lucky me!
Frank and I have been running together since the dark ages – but always in his town, or mine, or when visiting family somewhere else. (We’ve run in San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, Portland, Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, San Diego, San Clemente, Los Angeles, any city between Seattle and Ocean Shores, and Mt. Hood and Seaside, in Longbeach, in North Carolina). And now we get to run in Seattle!
Stephe and I have run mostly in Seattle, save for one memorable Mt. Rainier to Pacific relay race where Stephe saved his fastest running for the very end – he knocked out 3 five and a half minute miles at the very end! But we’ve run on Queen Anne, the Arboretum, Lake Washington Blvd., through Seattle Center, all around Capitol Hill and Montlake and Madison Park, as well as out the Burke Gilman trail!
So – lucky me – two long term running partners!
October 16, 2006

Still Chapped at the local Catholic Community

Back in February of 2006, I sent a letter to the president of Seattle University. I don’t know if friends is exactly the right word – but we’ve enjoyed warm relationship since I was a student, way back in the day.
In the intervening years – I donated to Seattle U, I volunteered, I worked for a local Catholic Parish and at an agency with a thinly veiled catholic identity. Lately, though – despite my affection for Seattle U and the catholic community – I’ve become increasingly dis-enchanted:
  • A total lack of transparency around sexual abuse was the start.
  • That was followed by an increasing awareness of how the institution of the church (but not always individual parishes, mind you) treat women, divorced people and gay people like, well, sinners.
  • And rounding third and heading to home? A bunch of silly rules about when to sit, stand, bow, hold hands, chant, sing, and other things during a typical catholic ceremony. Ick.
Today, I received a request for a donation – so I sent off a modifed note to Seattle U, letting them know that they’d have to make a change or two if they wanted to put me in the ranks of the donors. We’ll se – I didn’t receive any notes back from my first letter, so I’m not optimistic about this one – but it feels good to try!
October 16, 2006

Brother in Town!

Nice – for the first time since I left California for Seattle – I have family in town. My brother Frank and his family moved up from Portland and Frank and I went for our first ever run in the same city in which we both live! Here’s to a lot more of that!
October 13, 2006

Family in Town

Whaddya know – the number of Shaw’s in the Northwest is increasing – soon we’ll reach critical mass and everyone will have to move here! Frank and Suzanne and Olivia (and potentially Bre and Marissa, too) means that when added to me and Puja – that’s a lot of us in teh same spot!