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January 29, 2006

Here we go!

Yep  -time to start training for another race! I’ve picked one on Independence Day, in Portland, Oregon – am looking (maybe for the last time!) for independence from my more than three hour racing. This should be flat and fast – so all I need to do is get flat in the right places, and fast in the others.
Puja and I are hitting the weights abotu twice a week – I’ve not ever raced a marathon and worked on a strength training regime – so I’m eager to see what I can see.
In the meantime – I’m using my cool new Polar tools to track my distance, check my heart rate, and to keep up to date on my penhant for collectign personal running data!
January 15, 2006

Domestic Tranquility

When Puja and I moved in together, my family was both excited and curious – "how exactly will a 12 year bachelor adapt?"
Well – after 6 weeks (plus the 5 months of mostly living together), the answer is way better than anyone might have guessed. The easy and short answer is that when you find the right person – the living together details work out mostly on their own! We chatted a bit about cash, tidy, clean, and groceries – and haven’t looked back!
January 6, 2006

Christmas toys!

There sure ain’t nothing as fun as  Christmas toy – and even better when they have to do with coffee or running!
I’ve been experimenting with my new Polar FootPod, which measures the distance I’ve run with some cool technology – very nice. Couple that with a hand cranked coffee grinder (merry christmas to me!) and a stainless steel no leak cofee mug and  -well – you can see that life is pretty good!