Weekend Update

Kind of a crazy week at work – friend and coworker is having her position elimitated – ugh. That on top of the first full work week for most of us after the holidays – lots of work, lot of getting used to be back at it, and lots of getting used to knowing our team just got smaller.

I was lucky enough to sneak away for a run in the daylight on Friday – first time in a bit that I was able to run during the day – and despite getting lost and taking longer than I planned – it was good to get out and run in the sunshine.

Started the weekend with Mindy, Alex, Seton, Tyson, Rob, and Annie. And Oscar, the dog, and of course, my guitar. Great to catch up with friends, and even better to play and sing together. don’t know quite what I’d do without that chance. Fun – have been singing with friends more lately than last year, and certainly hope this is a trend that continues well past the new year.

Lazy day this morning – slept late – very rare for me – and spend the day getting ready to get my MBox plugged into my computer so I can record some of the music I’ve been writing of late. Went for a run in the afternoon – freezing rain, slippery. Bet tomorrow’s 13 miler will be nasty.



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