Friday and Saturday – Jan 8 and 9

Wow  – what a great weekend so far!

It started with a late Friday phone call from my friend Stephe – his dance card was open – so we walked to the Hopvine for a pint and dinner. It was packed out – but luckily my friends Mindy and Jess had a spot and invited us in – so we became a foursome for dinner. Tons of fun to catch up – haven’t seen Mindy or Jess in a while.

And the night got better – I went from there to meet my friend Allen – we used to work together, and haven’t had a chance to visit in quite some time. The new Montlake Alehouse is a nice place, and it was great to talk with Allen – we did some geek tech talk, and some music talk, and decided we both need to get on with changing the world. Stay tuned.

Night not over yet, though – my friend Chris arrived from Evanston at 11:30. We had a dram of bourbon, did some catching up, had a snack, and made plans for Saturday.

All of this to say – lucky me. Not many people get to have friends such as these. In some areas of my life, I’m never in the right place at the right time – but when it comes to friends – I have great, great luck.




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