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January 31, 2005

Monday can be a good day

That’s right- Monday’s can be good – today sure was. I hit the office well-rested, with good work to do and better people with whom to do it. Capped by a run and dinner with a friend – not a bad way to get the week started!


If I take the time to listen, I can almost always learn something – especially people who aren’t like me.


That my runnign continues to go well.

January 30, 2005

Climbing the hill

I ran up the Madison hill again this weekend – just like last weekend, but this time with an extra two miles under my belt before I hit the 2.5 mile climb – perfect – just about where the hills of Newton and the famed Heartbreak Hill will be waiting for me on April 18th. Feels good to be working so hard – even when I see spots at the end.

Also caught up with friends at the Mojito Cafe (yes I had a mojito) adn then we gathered at a house for some wine, music and conversation. A perfect way to end a Saturday and start the gentle slide into a lazy Sunday.

Which is today – cooked, cleaned, ran, learned more about my music software – all good.

Lesson of the Day:

Never understimate the healing properties of a clean house and a jog just before sunset.

Hope for the Day:

That I continue to meet new friends, like last nigh.

January 29, 2005

Lost weekend

By which I mean to say, I didn’t actually lose a weekend – just didn’t write about it and didn’t get pictures either! I spend the better part of last weekend being a geek – I had to reinistall my computer system to fix a bug – my music recording software wasn’t working. I did find time to sneak in a 15 mile run at  a 7 minute pace, a shorter run with my friend Lindsay, and to see my very first hockey game (we lost, but I still have all of my teeth!)

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine gave me a cool leather bound journal for Christmas – and since my hand writing is so poor, I decided that I make a small entry every day of the year – I thought it would be good for me to keep track of something that I was hoping for and something I was thankful for. I did it for a year – and I can’t believe how many times I’ve gone back to that journal to look and see – although I feel lucky almost all of the time already – this reminder makes me feel more so – so I think I’ll see if I can add that to my daily list of things I enjoy doing.

Be well,


January 18, 2005

Water, Water everywhere

Wow – it was a wet weekend! I managed to get most of my running in in teh dry weather – but on Monday, I got soaked. I may as well have inserted myself into the washing machine – and that was a short three mile run!

I also had a chance to run with my friend Alex, listen to some good, new music (Jessi Alexander) and caught "hotel Rwanda" with a friend – go see it. It will be good for your sense of history.


January 15, 2005

Weekend Update

Kind of a crazy week at work – friend and coworker is having her position elimitated – ugh. That on top of the first full work week for most of us after the holidays – lots of work, lot of getting used to be back at it, and lots of getting used to knowing our team just got smaller.

I was lucky enough to sneak away for a run in the daylight on Friday – first time in a bit that I was able to run during the day – and despite getting lost and taking longer than I planned – it was good to get out and run in the sunshine.

Started the weekend with Mindy, Alex, Seton, Tyson, Rob, and Annie. And Oscar, the dog, and of course, my guitar. Great to catch up with friends, and even better to play and sing together. don’t know quite what I’d do without that chance. Fun – have been singing with friends more lately than last year, and certainly hope this is a trend that continues well past the new year.

Lazy day this morning – slept late – very rare for me – and spend the day getting ready to get my MBox plugged into my computer so I can record some of the music I’ve been writing of late. Went for a run in the afternoon – freezing rain, slippery. Bet tomorrow’s 13 miler will be nasty.


January 14, 2005

All along the waterfront

Lucky me – was able to meet my brother downtown for a beautiful run long the Seattle waterfront – a little more than 7 miles of water, trail, ferries, conversation and somewhat clear sky, followed by dinner.

Nice to get my running miles in early in the week!


January 12, 2005

Ice Ice Baby

Have’t run on ice in awhile, but did today – there are parts of my neighborhood that just don’t get any sunshine (you could say this about the Northwest, but that wouldn’t be fair!).

Felt good to run hard, even though it was in the dark – on the way down the hill I passed a whole crew of runners coming back up – and even though we weren’t running together, it was great to know that there were other folks out in the cold and the dark.

Am waiting anxiously for some new toys – a monitor and a hard drive – so I can get my digital recording set up – should be very,  very fun – look for some music postings soon!


January 8, 2005

Friday and Saturday – Jan 8 and 9

Wow  – what a great weekend so far!

It started with a late Friday phone call from my friend Stephe – his dance card was open – so we walked to the Hopvine for a pint and dinner. It was packed out – but luckily my friends Mindy and Jess had a spot and invited us in – so we became a foursome for dinner. Tons of fun to catch up – haven’t seen Mindy or Jess in a while.

And the night got better – I went from there to meet my friend Allen – we used to work together, and haven’t had a chance to visit in quite some time. The new Montlake Alehouse is a nice place, and it was great to talk with Allen – we did some geek tech talk, and some music talk, and decided we both need to get on with changing the world. Stay tuned.

Night not over yet, though – my friend Chris arrived from Evanston at 11:30. We had a dram of bourbon, did some catching up, had a snack, and made plans for Saturday.

All of this to say – lucky me. Not many people get to have friends such as these. In some areas of my life, I’m never in the right place at the right time – but when it comes to friends – I have great, great luck.



January 6, 2005

Post Holiday

Well – I suppose the dip in the Pacific Ocean at 10:30 at night didn’t help so much – I’ve caught my first cold in two years – not a bad track record.

In other news – I registered for the Boston Marathon in April – I ran it in 3:03 in 1997, and while I haven’t yet decided if I’m running or racing – I now have the first 4 months of the year filled with training plans!

January 3, 2005

Welcome New Year

Wow. Pecan pie, hot chocolate (with Kahlua), great indian food, lots of beach running (which is easy on the legs), tons of music and laughter – a trip to the beach is always in order. Watch for pictures coming soon.