Post Christmas Get Lost!

That’s right – I indulged in one of my customary, but not favorite activities – a run that ended up being longer than it ought becauase I wasn’t paying attention! Who knew that the difference between Idaho and Iowa could mean an extra 30 minutes of running?

I left the house, headed straight down the hill to the river, and took a hard left. After another mile or so, I recognized where I was – a combination of the Hood to Coast course and a neat run I’d completed early in the year while visiting – running across both the Steel and the Hawthorne bridges. I decided to do that loop again before heading home, and that worked out just fine.

Coming back, though – that’s where I mixed up my states! I ran up Idaho to find the steep trail that went under Interstate 5 and up to my brother’s house – and didn’t find it. Too be sure, I found no less than 4 dead ends (all of which took me about two thirds of the way up the hill before turning me back) and one that led me directly to the highway itself – and even though I’m feeling pretty speedy – the thought of sprinting across 8 lanes of traffic didn’t seem that smart.

Back down the hill I went, retraced my steps to the river, and spotted a landmark (Starbucks, if you must know) and realized that I was really looking for Iowa – which I was now on!

All things considered – a good run. Didn’t hurt anything, covered a lot of distance, didn’t lose my sense of humor, and made room for extra turkey and apple pie for later!



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