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December 30, 2004

Beach Ahoy!

What could be better than a party at the beach to ring in the new year? Maybe a sunny beach, instead of the Pacific Coast – but what the heck: Ocean air, good food and drink and better company. A guitar with brand newe strings. Fresh home roasted coffee, and home-made bread. Friends that like to run, sing, cook, and laugh. Lucky me. Hope to see you there!


December 29, 2004

Vacation is the best

Vacation, day 7.

Hmm. Let’s see. What exactly are the benefits of a vacation? Try some of these on for size:

  • Send distracting email to co workers just to remind them that they are working and you aren’t.
  • Run ever day. It doesn’t matter how far or how fast, or if you get lost each day (Like I have). Good for the soul to run just because.
  • Play guitar for 4 hours a day. That’s right, about 4 hours. I have fingers of steel. There is no hammer on/pull off sequence that daunts.
  • Walk out for coffee everyday. Sometimes twice.
  • Let the best older brother in the world dazzle with his baking and cooking prowess.
  • Read stories to the cutest niece in the world.
  • Read novels with no redeeming value save for they occupy a part of the brain that doesn’t oft get occupied.
  • Repeat.
December 28, 2004

Babes in arms

Lucky me – in addition to getting to see family here in Portland (two nieces, one nephew) I was also able to head to Eugene to see friends who have a 7 week old baby! Very cool. I’d do almost anything to be that flexible! Being on vacation is a pretty good thing – lots of eating, napping, jogging and playing music. Maybe I could do this for a living?!

Topped off the day with a "get lost" run in Portland, my second in a row. Nice to not have an agenda – just hit the road for awhile and then see where the road takes you. Today it took me through Multanomah Village, Barbur Blvd. and up by Wilson High School. It was a 4 Starbucks sighting run!

December 26, 2004

Post Christmas Get Lost!

That’s right – I indulged in one of my customary, but not favorite activities – a run that ended up being longer than it ought becauase I wasn’t paying attention! Who knew that the difference between Idaho and Iowa could mean an extra 30 minutes of running?

I left the house, headed straight down the hill to the river, and took a hard left. After another mile or so, I recognized where I was – a combination of the Hood to Coast course and a neat run I’d completed early in the year while visiting – running across both the Steel and the Hawthorne bridges. I decided to do that loop again before heading home, and that worked out just fine.

Coming back, though – that’s where I mixed up my states! I ran up Idaho to find the steep trail that went under Interstate 5 and up to my brother’s house – and didn’t find it. Too be sure, I found no less than 4 dead ends (all of which took me about two thirds of the way up the hill before turning me back) and one that led me directly to the highway itself – and even though I’m feeling pretty speedy – the thought of sprinting across 8 lanes of traffic didn’t seem that smart.

Back down the hill I went, retraced my steps to the river, and spotted a landmark (Starbucks, if you must know) and realized that I was really looking for Iowa – which I was now on!

All things considered – a good run. Didn’t hurt anything, covered a lot of distance, didn’t lose my sense of humor, and made room for extra turkey and apple pie for later!


December 24, 2004

Portland for Christmas

Whoo wheee! 10 days of vacataion commenced yesterday with a flurry of activity – packing for a trip to Portland (and then to Longbeach) tidying my house for my return, last minute errands and such, and burning 6 discs of music for the ride.

Which was foggy and slow! Nothing like a little Christmas rush to make Tacoma and Portland a bottle neck. Having some cool music to listen to was great, though – and when I landed in Portland Frank and I went for a run just as the fog disappeared for good.

peace to all!

December 20, 2004

Monday Comin’ round again

Wow – last week was crazy – boss was out, co-worker was out, contracts to sign, calls to make, customers to help! I ended up with a pair of 12 hour days – not a lot of fun in the way of that’s just too freaking long for a human to work at a job – but totally fun because I work with good people.

In between there and now – learned about a great new musical duo (Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer), learned a bunch of their songs, saw the worst movie I’ve seen since I took by god child to see "Barney", and went to my first Quaker wedding. All good, especially the company!


December 9, 2004

Thursday Afternoon

Yay! I get to go to a cool meeting tonight – it’s a scotch drinking club for people with a book reading problem! But I have to get in a run, first, which will make the scotch that much more enjoyable!

December 7, 2004

Rainy Tuesday Night

Cool – a blog for me, as if a website and incessant essays aren’t enough. It’s raining here in Seattle, I’m sipping a glass of red wine (south eastern australian, if you must know) and thinking that life is good: Good work, better friends, better family. More to come.